At Dynamic Structures we recognize that innovation and technology must also be reflected in an organization's human capacity to truly surpass all limits. Our people's depth of experience and sharp intellectual ability is coupled with a healthy sense of pragmatism. Clients benefit from our shared knowledge and expertise in using state-of-the-art tools to provide creative solutions. It is the perfect balance between theory and practice.

We sculpt engineering solutions that will exceed your expectations. Our diverse global experience, leading engineers, qualified trades people, professional staff and stringent quality assurance programs ensure that what we build for you is of the highest standards. Think of our work as precision craftsmanship.


To attract and retain the best and brightest engineers to work for us, Dynamic Structures makes a significant commitment to academic excellence. Our unique partnership with academia and research institutes helps us to recruit and continually educuate graduates that are strong in theory yet willing to engage in the practical side. We offer a unique working environment that allows engineers to participate in state-of-the-art structural and mechanical design-build work while immersed in industrial fabrication. This type of work environment encourages the development of practical experience while strengthening analysis skills. Such a work environment is not the norm today, as most engineers are employed in consulting offices at arm's length from the manufacturing industry.

The dramatic pace of change within Dynamic Structures encourages a high performance culture that fully harnesses learned skills, allowing everyone to be open to opportunities and challenges.